A downloadable game for Windows

My entry for the Extra Credits Holiday 2018 Game Jam. 

A small shoot em up, where you steer Santa's sleigh, which coincidentally has a canon installed to deliver presents.

Almost everything is generated procedurally. Houses, Sleigh, Skids, PRESENTs. Only one pre-made texture is used and music/sfx are human made...

I hope you enjoy it, I for one had fun building it...

Best played with maximized window, ideally not on a multi monitor setup.

Go to https://www.tizilogic.com/ for more details (once I updated the devlog)

If you want to try it out on other OS, you can clone the source here: https://git.tizilogic.com/tc/extra-credits-holiday-2018-game-jam

Can you beat my high score:


Back to the Present-0.0.1_win_amd64.zip 42 MB

Install instructions

Download and unzip the file. Open the extracted folder and launch "Back to the Present.exe".

Notice: Packaged Python apps, to some antivirus software look suspicious and sometimes the execution gets blocked (or all files quarantined, as happened to me while trying to test it on my work pc...). This has to do with popularity of the particular program, which of course isn't widely spread across the internet... You can safely ignore overly zealous warnings that show up and you may need to "white list" each .exe/.dll/.pyd before the game can be played!!!


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Haha, I also entered for the extra credits jam. And my game is also called back to the present. My game is a platformer though, and it's a lot worse than yours.

I like the animation of the houses when they get hit. I liked how the presents fly out, it looks cool.

The sleigh's handling is awkward, you should try increasing the width of the sleigh so it doesn't pull a "Reliant Robin". I didn't understand the cannon's cool-down timing, sometimes it shoots, sometimes it doesn't.

Overall cool game!

Thank you so much for taking the time and playing it :) and funny how we ended up with the same title for our games.

I know the sleigh's handling is awkward, was trying to fix that while polishing but everything I tried, kind of made it worse. I'll need to spend more time with the physics engine, to really get a grip on it. The thing with the cannon was strange, I developed the whole game on Linux, only on Sunday I started to build for Windows and when I played on Windows, the presents didn't behave the same as on my dev box... also something I wanted to investigate when I get around to it.