A downloadable game

I used this CodeJam to challenge myself, creating something from scratch, while not using an IDE.

The entire project was written from scratch using only:

  • vim as (code) editor
  • bash to run vim, the code and git related commands
  • git for source control
  • Browser ...because writing code that fails in creative ways...

My primary goal was to improve my skills, actually finishing the whole project (which I didn't) was always secondary. Still, I'm happy with the result, considering I definitely wrote more than double the amount of code, than I would've with an IDE (code-completion, refactoring, etc...). I managed to produce something...

Since javidx9 was one of my principal inspirations to learn C++, I wanted to throw in a few lines of C++ as well, but the major part of the project is written in Python, using the C++ code wrapped with Cython.

Install instructions


  • Python 3.6 or newer
  • Python Header Files for your OS and Python Version
  • SDL 2.0 Runtime Binaries for your OS
  • A toolchain to build the project
  • git


The easiest way is using pip directly from github.com  -> "pip install git+https://github.com/tcdude/destruction.git"

Otherwise download/clone the repository and then run: "pip install [the/path/to/the/download]"


To run the program, execute "python -m destruction.main"

Sorry for the complicated steps... Hope some of you get to try it... 




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wasnt able to get the game running, gave it 10-20min of trying. i suspect it is an issue with using both python 2 and 3 on my computer simultaneously. i may have been able to get it running if i put in more time, but have no more to spare, unfortunately. kudos for ditching the evil IDE for this though! im a vim user as well ;) pure bliss

Thanks for trying for so long anyways. Next time I'll invest some more time in properly packaging it... 

I wanted to do so much more, but I learnt my way around vim pretty well (meaning, I started to scratch the surface of this beast :P  ) so I achieved the goal I set out for, sort of and entered something...